Co-Lead Artist Vincent Thomas talks about “Tree of Life” mural

Co-Lead Artist Vincent Thomas talks about "Tree of Life" mural

The “Tree of Life” mural is taking root outside of our East Waco location at 715 Elm Avenue. The mural is a collaboration between TFNB, Creative Waco, Waco ISD, and local artists Cade Kegerreis and Vincent Thomas. The “Tree of Life” celebrates African American culture in the East Waco community. It’s organized by days of the week starting with Sunday closest to Elm Ave.

“It all ties together to show the fruits of our labor,” says Co-Lead Artist Vincent Thomas. He says the mural is extra special to him because he grew up in East Waco.

“The Sunday panel is about how our churches, faith communities, and other leaders help show the youth of East Waco their worth,” added Thomas.

Students and artist from Creative Waco’s ARTPrenticeship program also provide a helping hand. Creative Waco and TFNB will host a community unveiling event in early 2021. TFNB is proud to support the arts with this larger-than-life addition to East Waco’s vibrant mural culture.

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