Clubhouse Basics – Overview and Setup

Clubhouse Basics - Overview and Setup

Trisha Beltran and I have been working on a brief 45 min presentation to give an overview of the app that’s on everyone’s mindyes you guessed: CLUBHOUSE
*imagine everyone stopping what they’re doing to look in awe*

To sum up the app: imagine a platform with a plethora of podcasts that you can interact with from “room to room”. You can ask to join as a speaker or just listen quietly without being denied entrance to a room. You can gain SO much insight on anything room you stumble upon

Here’s the rundown on what to expect for this oh so glorious 45 minute session:

The first 30 minutes will be a presentation going over a number of screenshots highlighting all features that you can utilize while using the app.
-We will cover important aspects of the apps current functionality (it’s still in undergoing Beta testing) including:
account/Bio setup (crucial)
Identifying your interests
engaging in rooms (events related to your interests)
Scheduling future rooms to attend
scheduling your own rooms (setting an event up focusing a topic of your choice)
Hosting 101 (and with a fellow moderator or moderators)
Additional tips and tricks to get more followers and potential clients
Do’s and don’ts from the community

The remaining 15 minutes will serve as a Q&A to answer all of your questions (oh yeah dude… there will be questions)
Talk about a way to get hyped before Dean’s call am I right?!
I look forward to seeing all of your awesome faces as we learn how to make CLUBHOUSE turn into OUR HOUSE!

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