CIP Global Chat: Todos Somos Abril-Repression and Resistance in Nicaragua

CIP Global Chat: Todos Somos Abril-Repression and Resistance in Nicaragua

Global Chats-connecting the world virtually on topics facing us now. An opportunity for us to bring communities together and stay connected.

Council of International Programs works toward building bridges of understanding through meaningful cross cultural exchanges.
We are excited about the development of Global Chats! It’s one way to meet our mission-but virtually!

Our current Global Chat will be a look back at Nicaragua’s Civil Rebellion as we are at the 2 year anniversary, and its impacts continue.

This chat will cover:
-Discussion of human rights violations of the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship
-Understanding the formation of the dictatorship
-What happened April 18, 2018 and the following weeks, that turned Nicaraguan life upside down
-The socio political crisis and situation of migrants and asylum seekers in neighboring Costa Rica
-Xenophobia, post traumatic stress, social and economic constraints that impact Nicaraguans in exile
-Quarantine-A double standard. Nicaragua’s lack of policy, and Costa Rica’s strict ones and the impact on the exile community


VN Abroad is a program partner of CIP, hosting our Global Learning Programs to Nicaragua (2017) and Costa Rica (2018, 2020). CIP will continue to partner with VN Abroad, bringing multi disciplinary groups of students and professionals who want to learn about social justice issues, build bridges cross culturally, and address the needs of the Nicaraguans in exile. Stay tuned to our future Global Learning Programs by visiting If international borders open, and travel is safe, we will be going January 1-12, 2021.

Carrie McCracken, Founder of VN Abroad, Sociologist, Adjunct Faculty and Social Justice Advocate. VN Abroad was founded in 2007 as Viva Nicaragua! Center, with the mission to provide cross-cultural learning opportunities that support social justice. In 2018, Carrie moved her work to Costa Rica and became VN Abroad. While they kept the original mission to global education and social justice, they updated the program offerings to provide a more regional focus and offer students/participants a global perspective about important issues facing Central America and the world.

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