C.O.B. Tuesday 7-7-2020

C.O.B. Tuesday 7-7-2020

Today we had the honor of hosting a great friend of the firm and a great friend of the industry, Congressman Bill Flores (R-TX, 17th District). It was a real pleasure to hear from Bill as he shared his perspective on some of the current challenges policymakers are facing, what he hopes might get done in the next Congressional session, and what good things he believes are happening that we aren’t talking about enough. As always, Bill is direct and practical in his comments.

Colton Bean, Director of Midstream Research for TPH, made his first COBT appearance. Colton provides his thoughts on both the Dakota Pipeline news, the recent Dominion transaction with Warren Buffett, and infrastructure broadly.

Mike Bradley, Colin Fenton, and Matt Portillo also chimed in with their current views on oil, gas and current markets. Colin hit us up with some carefully crafted charts of the week.

Senator Flores at 10:52

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