Blake Eason | Entertainment Host and On-Air Personality Reel

Blake Eason | Entertainment Host and On-Air Personality Reel

Hello there, I’m Blake!

I’m an On-Air Personality, TV Host, and Entertainment Journalist from Atlanta, Georgia. All of those things add up to make me a storyteller, an entertainer, and a professional nap taker.

On a regular day, you can find me doing anything from working in media around the Atlanta area, serving as an On-Air Personality and Producer on the nationally syndicated morning show, The Bert Show, and hosting events and programs on stage, on-air, and online.

I love my job because I love good conversations, great stories, and big moments. And it’s my goal to share those stories and major moments with the world as an On-Air Personality and Correspondent in a major media market. I have a passion for in-depth interviews, creative storytelling, and hosting live programs – all while having a ton of fun! I also love red carpets, press junkets, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to host a TV game show along the way!

During my free time, you can find me exploring Atlanta, the city I love and call home, with my friends and the people I love. That usually means eating Chipotle, skateboarding around the city, and listening to loud music while in the inevitable city traffic. When I’m in charge of the playlist, the music can move everywhere from Drake and Justin Bieber to Luke Bryan and Beyoncé. That mix of taste probably comes from the fact that I was raised in the South with a childhood dream of becoming a rapper. (Yes, you read that correctly. You definitely won’t regret Googling it!)

Being from a small town in the South has taught me to always remain grounded and grateful. It’s also taught me that Sweet Tea can go with any meal, my mom is always right, and I probably say “y’all” more than I even realize. I believe character and kindness matter and good people ultimately win. I believe hard work is the best talent anyone can possess. And I think the best thing you can do in life is remember you’re never too high or too low to serve the people around you.

My passion in life is to tell stories. I know there are stories out there just waiting to be told, and I want to be a part of telling the ones that matter—the ones that start the kind of conversations that change the way we see the world.

Because we’ve all got a story to tell.

And I think this one is going to be good….

– Blake

Special thanks to Josiah Selvig, Cassie Young, Andrew Winchell, and Marco Hernandez for assisting with the clips used in this video.

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