Black Lives Matter Protests – Trafalgar Square, London

Black Lives Matter Protests - Trafalgar Square, London

As cities across the United States impose curfews in the wake of BLM protests, marches, and riots, activists in other countries are hosting their own batch of demonstrations this week.

Thousands of Londoners on Wednesday marched from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square, shutting down streets and chanting a rotating set of messages, including “George Floyd”, “I can’t breathe,” and “The UK is not innocent.” Down the street from Trafalgar Square, along Whitehall, some protestors threw glass and plastic bottles towards the gates of the prime minister’s residence on Downing Street. Many, if not all, were frustrated and saddened, but the overwhelming majority were peaceful and friendly with onlooking police.

Organizers on social media (#ldnblm) anticipate at least two more demonstrations over the following week, outside the Houses of Parliament and the US Embassy.

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