Bitcoin Scams, Fraud, Con Artists and Shams – Ethereum Business

Bitcoin Scams, Fraud, Con Artists and Shams - Ethereum Business

Cryptocurrency Pyramid Schemes and Ponzi Schemes | Blog Video

Compare honest, straightforward pyramid schemes (where everyone knows what is going on) to illegal, covert ponzi schemes, total fraud in which criminals use money from new investors to pay existing ones. Bitcoin itself is neither a pyramid nor a ponzi scheme because Bitcoin is a legitimate payment technology that does not make money from the owner finding suckers. Bitcoin gains from increase in value like stocks and gold do. Bitcoin simply outperforms all other investments based on 11 years of data.

I’ve personally mined Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and paid mining hosting companies – both very profitably. On a good roll, it takes about a month to a year or more to turn $500 into $10,000 with Bitcoin. So, when a Facebook friend comes along and claims to do it in a day, that is a huge red flag. Based on my experience in helping to jail con artists, fraudsters and scammers, I would not give one dollar to someone who operates in this fashion. The methodology very much resembles a ponzi scheme.

I am considering joining another facebook friend, a closer friend who is also a real estate client. He is doing something that looks a bit more like a more legitimate pyramid type of scheme, which is under investigation by the SEC, but no charges have been filed. I might give that a try because it helps people to learn ethereum. Learning ethereum (the second most popular cryptocurrency) is a potentially simple, yet very smart undertaking. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Millions of Americans remain unemployed as a result of the virus hysteria, crippling finances for many households.

Americans lose more money on investment scams than any other type of income fraud, according to FTC analysis. Individuals report a median loss of more than $16,000, according to CNBC.

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