Bead It with Caley 1 – A7G

Bead It with Caley 1 - A7G

This is the twelfth video in a Create to Learn @ Home series with Assembly of Seven Generations as part of their Wellness Webinar Series.

As a part of a series of A7G Wellness Webinars, Caley Rain-Anderson is leading a special series of beading webinars. In this video, Caley is showing how to begin an oval beaded earring, using a two needle technique. This video covers cab placement and beading your first few rows. This video is 2 hours long and is very similar to how a beading circle would be.

Caley Rain-Anderson is Cree and Trinidadian. Caley is an avid beader and seamstress that has learned from kookum Roberta Anderson who is well-known for her floral beadwork and mukluk and moccasin making with Manitobah Mukluks. Caley has been beading since she was a little kid and has beaded hundred of earrings.

A7G is hosting weekly webinars with Indigenous knowledge keepers and elders. They are calling it Tea & Chat. They meet Mondays from 6-7pm EST.

Assembly of Seven Generations (A7G) is an Indigenous owned and youth-led, non-profit organization focused on cultural support and empowerment programs/policies for Indigenous youth while being led by traditional knowledge and Elder guidance.

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