Apartment Hunting in Seoul, Korea VLOG | seoul apartment tour(s) 🥵

Apartment Hunting in Seoul, Korea VLOG | seoul apartment tour(s) 🥵

Hope you guys are ready for a Seoul apartment tour! Or rather, 10 of them lol. I spent a little over a week apartment hunting because in Korea you really REALLY need to physically go see the places, and I took you along with me! In a odd turn of events, our landlady (we stan!!!!) agreed to do something called 반전세 which is ‘half jeonse’ aka we put down $80K and our rent is only $650! (Our current rent is $850) The houses we were looking at are all in the 2억5-3억 ($250K-300K) range but we really didn’t want anything over 2억5.

Hope this was at least interesting even if we didnt end up moving :)))) happy to be staying in our sweet home!

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