An Inner-City Small Apartment Influenced by Japanese and Scandinavian Design and Architecture

An Inner-City Small Apartment Influenced by Japanese and Scandinavian Design and Architecture

Taking cues from Japanese and Scandinavian design, The Darlinghurst Apartment by architecture and interior design studio Hecker Guthrie defies expectations of an inner-city small apartment to create a calm, light-filled interior that proves small living can be beautiful.

In Darlinghurst in Sydney, where space is a premium, this small apartment is inspired by the aesthetic of an art gallery space. The client’s collection of art, sculpture and ceramic objects, combined with their love of Japanese and Scandinavian design, informed Hecker Guthrie’s approach to the small apartment. The resulting apartment is defined by considered sightlines, subtle materiality and the careful use of natural and architectural lighting, creating a calm interior space imbued with a sense of luxury and refinement that belies its small size.

White acts as a minimalist base that complements the light, pared-back material palette of oak, ceramic, Japanese tiles, and stainless steel. Though many small and micro apartments forgo elements that could close off the plan and make the spaces feel smaller, Hecker Guthrie embraced timber furniture and joinery that frames zones, giving the kitchen and living areas their own sense of defined space while also maintaining connectivity and visual permeability. The inner-city small apartment thus achieves a sense that is has been designed to be intentionally light and open without losing the sense of spatial definition that is often missing in inner-city apartment design.

With the client’s beloved art collection personalising and warming the spaces and Hecker Guthrie’s considered and detailed design creating a calm and contemplative environment, Darlinghurst Apartment is a true sanctuary that sets a high bar for Australian inner-city small apartment living.

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