87 Portraits

87 Portraits

The long-lost prequel to 112 Portraits, 87 Portraits is all the bumpers from the FIRST half of SNL’s 40th season. Languishing in obscurity on that “other” video-hosting website for the last 5 1/2 years, this gem had a whopping total of 28 views “over there.” And it’s in 480p. For some reason. Why did I not make it in 720p? I probably did. Sadly, an exhaustive search of my HDDs yields nothing. I considered remaking it, before remembering that all my HD bumpers for that season are on a drive that is currently inoperable. So this is what you get. I had to search for hours to find my own video, as it didn’t show up on my Videos list. Had to dig through my old FB posts. Be glad with what you have.

Photography by Mary Ellen Matthews. Music by the SNL Band, “People Get Ready.” From the warmup in the final moments before the 11 April 2009 episode (Zac Efron with Yeah Yeah Yeahs.) You can also read about Matthews’s favourite bumper photos at Vulture: https://www.vulture.com/2019/04/snl-photographer-mary-ellen-matthews-best-portraits.html

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