02.ON DEMAND Teaser

02.ON DEMAND Teaser

We’ll start with the amazing Amanita Design game studio with an artist talk about their new game Creaks in which they give wonderful insight in the extensive process of creating the game.
Next up we dive into an interview with concept artist Marek Madej (a.o. The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077).
In the panel discussion ‘Free spirits of games’ we’ll focus on indie game development and starting and sustaining a game studio. Hosting this panel is Matthijs van de Laar (creative director of Twirlbound). He is joined by Tomas Sala (creator of The Falconeer) and Lennart Sas (co-founder of Triumph Studios).
And last but not least we wind down with a discussion on creating concept art for The Last of Us Part II. How does Naughty Dog select concept artists for their world building pipe line? Danar Worya, Jad Saber and Florent Lebrun will give you an insight into their journey to create concept art for AAA games.


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