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SOAP Online Interactive Film: The project, “Soap”, is an online exhibition organised by the artist Ting -Tong Chang. It is his response to the current pandemic period in which events have been forced to be cancelled and where exhibitions…


Online Interactive Film:

The project, “Soap”, is an online exhibition organised by the artist Ting -Tong Chang. It is his response to the current pandemic period in which events have been forced to be cancelled and where exhibitions and shows can only be found on the Internet.

In this project, Ting-tong Chang utilises an instance of fake news that circulated during World War I, “Kadaververwertungsanstalt” (literally, Carcass-Utilisation Factory). This was a rumour deliberately spread by the British Intelligence agencies. By way of mass media, they fabricated and circulated a story about the Germans having built a secret factory in the heart of a German forest where they dissolved corpses into soap for army use when resources were scarce. Along with illustrations, fabricated reports combined conspiracy theory and already existent prejudice towards Germany in order to facilitate a shift in British public opinion in support for the war.

Using this story as his base, Chang constructed his own fictional soap-making factory, which also serves as a centre of information production, turning soap into a tangible metaphor for information.

Chang has invited actors to play various roles on the production line. Some workers mechanically examine the newly-made soaps on the conveyor belt and long worktables. Some act as victims that float in large-scale mixing tanks while others play indifferent managers that stand aside aloof, just watching the production process. Be it the factory setting itself or the performances, they both signify how information is systematically manufactured and how it is unrestrainedly circulated on various social media and forum platforms.

Moreover, with the project “Soap”, the artist is also trying to explore possible future exhibition forms, as the boundary between the virtual and the real starts to blur.

Different from many online exhibitions that duplicate physical space through digital technology, Chang has created a fictional factory that never existed before or only existed in fake news on the Internet so to speak. He videotaped every action that took place, and then completely dismantled the real-life factory instalment. Subsequently, the information production centre was encoded and constructed by a software engineer and then transformed into an on-site artwork that only exists in the digital world.

This project benefits from the fluidity and fragmentation of the digital network, and its non-linear logic. It invites the audience to operate this interactive website and explore this reproduced soap/information factory. As the viewers freely travel between time and space, re-assembling the narrative, they also construct their own pathways of viewing. This way, the exploration of the relationship between the virtual and reality is made possible.

演員 Cast|
陳武康 Chen Wu-kang、林家麒 Lin Chia-chi、姚吉慧 Yao Chi-hui、
廖銘和 Dino 、陳靚 Chen Ching、陳嫺靜 Hsien-ching
導演 Director|張碩尹 Chang Ting-tong、蔡弦剛 Tsai Hsuan-kang
副導 Assistant Director|洪靖安 Hung Jing-an
製片 Producer|林君翰 Lin Chun-han
執行製片 Production Coordinator|洪靖安 Hung Jing-an
製片助理 Production Assistant|
李添進 Li Tien-chin、蔡欣甫 Tsai Hsin-fu、王妍文 Wang Yen-wen
攝影指導 Director of Photography|陳冠宇 Chen Kuan-yu
攝影大助 1st Assistant Camera|楊哲奇 Yang Che-chi
攝影二助 2nd Assistant Camera|林依頻 Lin Yi-pin
美術指導 Production Designer|張軼峰 Chang Yi-feng、廖音喬 Liao Yin-chiao
美術執行 Assistant Art Director|劉邑琳 Liu Yi-ling
美術助理 Prop Master|
劉柏言 Liou Bor-yan、張洳靜 Chang Ju-ching、蕭家棋 Hsiao Chia-chi、
陳怡蓁 Chen Yi-zhen、謝家恩 Hsieh Chia-en
燈光指導 Gaffer|游凱翔 Yu Kai-hsiang
燈光大助 Best Boy|林建志 Lin Chien-chih
燈光二助 Lighting Technician|羅煒 Lo Wei
聲音設計 Sound Designer and Mixer|馮志銘 Feng Chih-Ming
現場收音Sound Recordist|吳峟賢 Wu Yu-Hsien、戴向諶 Immanuel Dannenbring
造型指導 Costume Designer|范玉霖 Fan Yu-lin
造型助理 Assistant Costume |吳定盛 Wu Ting-sheng
妝髮造型 Makeup Artist|洪丌涵 Edna Hung
平面攝影 Still Photographer|劉哲均 Liu Che-chun
工作側拍 Behind the scense|王思淳 Wang Szu-chun
剪輯 Editor|蔡弦剛 Tsai Hsuan-kang
調光 Colorist|詹謹嘉 Chan Chin-chia
動畫 Animator|莊仲凱 Kyle Jhuang
視覺設計 Graphic Design|Shauba Chang、黃正亞 Huang Zheng-ya
網站建置 Web Development |
周嘉銘 Jonas Chou、蔡易洋 Taylor Tsai、周嘉隆 James Chou
張碩尹工作室 TTC Studios|王芮瑀 Ray Wang
國立臺北教育大學 北師美術館
MoNTUE, Museum of National Taipei University of Education
總策劃 Producer|林曼麗 Lin Mun-Lee
工作人員 Staff|
王若璇 Rocean Wang 、王欣翮 Elanor Hsinho Wang、王怡心 Wang Yi-hsin、徐珮琳 Hsu Pei-lin、陳俐臻 Chen Li-jen、劉聞宜 Liu Wen-yi
指導單位 Supervisor|文化部 Ministry of Culture
主辦單位 Organizer|國立臺北教育大學 北師美術館
MoNTUE, Museum of National Taipei University of Education
創作補助 Sponsor|國家藝術文化基金會 National Culture and Arts Foundation 台新銀行文化藝術基金會 Taishin Bank Foundation for Arts and Culture
活動補助 Sponsor |台北市政府文化局 Department of Cultural Affairs Taipei City Goverment
特別感謝 |賴俊良、陳晞、台灣糖業股份有限公司 虎尾糖廠
Special Thanks | Lai Chun-liang、Chen Hsi、Taiwan Sugar Corporation Huwei Sugar Factory

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